Newelo in the telecom industry

Case Nepal

Starting point

Nepal, with 30 million inhabitants, is a country whose basic infrastructure is under constant development. Success requires not only local knowledge but also service and business models that solve local problems. Newelo and its collaboration partners travelled to the border of China to solve the operator customer’s operational challenges in terms of network maintenance and service.

Newelo’s solution

Services developed under Newelo’s supervision are used to monitor the operations of the telecom network and, for example, the functionality of diesel generators in real time, in order to provide flawless services to the operator’s 9 million customers regardless of the power outages. Of course, this is only one example of a total of about twenty operative processes that are nowadays managed in a timely, mobile and efficient manner.




telecom, networked devices, consulting services, infra, mobile personnel, network maintenance, mobile work management, field service management, reporting, enterprise mobility

How our solution works?

Work orders in the telecom industry:
  • Work orders and reports related to the planning of the telecom network

  • Work orders and reports related to construction projects

  • Alarm and inspection tasks and reports related to monitoring

  • Work orders and reports related to preventive maintenance

  • Work orders and reports related to the monitoring, maintenance and service of the energy supply

  • Work orders and reports related to scheduled inspections

Key information to the field and from the field to the company's systems:
  • One mobile terminal for the field personnel’s use
  • Integration with your company’s work and operations management systems
  • Versatile work orders to support maintenance and installation operations
  • Field analyses, network construction, network maintenance tasks and management of fault situations
  • Real-time information about the statuses and locations of tasks on the map

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