Asset Tracking

Keep track of the valuable assets in the field

Simplify the item tracking in the field

The important field assets can be placed on map with simple and intelligent mobile tool. The location and status of individual items is easier to track and inventory is updated as a part of the field work. It enhances the circulation of the stock items and simplifies field workers routines.

Improve the asset management

The on-time location and status view to the field operations improves the warehouse and assets management. The valuable items can be tracked better visually on maps and status dashboards. Less time and efforts is needed to improve for example the stock rotation.

Lower the related costs

Improving the field asset management turns in to money with lower warehouse costs. Less money will be tied into the inventory and the assets usage rate will be higher. The regular field asset status inspection also enhances preventive maintenance decisions and lowers the associated repair costs.

Work orders in asset tracking:
  • Registering field asset location and status
  • Reports of stock item status and usage in the field
  • Work orders for inventory counts
  • Check lists and reports related to scheduled inspections
  • Work orders and reports related to preventive maintenance
Field processes in the asset tracking:
  • Digitize all the asset tracking and management processes in the field
  • One mobile terminal for the field personnel’s use
  • Integration with your company’s warehouse and asset management systemes
  • Versatile work orders to support asset maintenance and installation operations
  • Real-time information about the statuses and locations of assets on the map
  • Reports of asset inspections and field work compliance

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