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Versatile experts of the digital environment

Founded in 2010, Newelo Oy is a Finnish IT company specialising in executing projects related to digitalisation in a smart and sustainable way, making your work easier. The digital environment is constantly changing, and our passion is to help our customers develop their business to fully benefit from it.

At start, we always immerse ourselves in fully understanding your business, so that we are then in a position to suggest what kind of development or integrations your systems need – always with an aim to support your business and make it more efficient. We set a goal to the project depending on your needs. It can be e.g. to improve streamline collection, increase mobility or improve management.

We can also help you with modernisation of software and systems, exporting data to the cloud, improving the usability of your systems, user interface design or software development (even from scratch).  If it’s got the word “digitalisation” in it, we probably know how to do it!

Newelo’s wide range of experience includes work for e.g. the energy industry, telecommunications industry, manufacturing industry, businesses related to the circular economy, the public sector and several other private organisations. We have delivered projects internationally to more than 20 countries.

The renewed Newelo offers an improved range of services

In recent years, Newelo has undergone some challenges – but they only made us stronger. Not only did we tackle those challenges but also took them as an opportunity to renew the company and find new growth. In the summer of 2020, Newelo acquired the software house Padio as part of Newelo’s ambition to develop the service portfolio to become even more versatile.

These changes were initially triggered by a turbulent time. In 2019, the company’s large international customer relationships suddenly ended for reasons beyond Newelo’s control. At the time, Newelo was mainly focused on digitizing work operations and asset management but the challenges prompted the company to seek new business opportunities along with a new product portfolio.

Fairly quickly, Newelo was well on its way to become a leading expert in digitalisation in the broad sense of the word. In parallel, the company updated its strategy.

Acquisitions as drivers of growth

In addition to organic growth, Newelo’s new strategy includes growth through acquisitions if the prospective company has appropriate synergies with the customer base and business. Acquiring Padio has proved a successful move as it has enabled us to offer our customers an even wider range of services.

Operationally, Newelo and Padio already work as one company, but officially the two organisations are still separate. The total number of staff is 10 – more will be recruited in autumn 2021.

In 2021, the combined turnover of Newelo and Padio will be approximately €1M.

Contact persons

  • Timo Koskinen
    Timo Koskinen CEO

    +358 50 483 5333

  • Juha Kaario
    Juha Kaario COO, Head of Business Development

    +358 50 483 5487

  • Support

    +358 10 281 0431

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