Newelo saves time in your field operations

Over 30% efficiency improvements

Newelo’s cutting-edge technologies make your field operations management easier and more efficient. Thousands of people around the world are already using our solutions.

We bring your work management processes to a whole new level by utilizing the location data of vehicles, devices and people and making real-time data transfers through mobile devices easy for your employees. The important information updates from the field will be always on time and accurate.  You can make on the spot decisions with help of the visual dashboards and real-time mobile maps.

  • Saves time in daily work planning and reporting
  • Removes unnecessary phone calls with real-time status awareness
  • Improves resource and vendor management
  • Enhances performance follow-up and operations forecasting
  • Ensures reliable and high quality data from the field
  • Better status of field assets with real-time mobile map

We have optimized the service so that it is very efficient and makes it possible to effortlessly browse complex, demanding network entities on mobile devices.

Would you like to know how our service can be scaled as a part of your own business operations?

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