Smart metering

What are the 3 things you need to know about smart metering

Transfer information and meters to the map in real time.

  • Energy meters by meter types as well as network topology.
  • Alarming meters and meters to which a connection could not be informatively created on the map.
  • Reception areas of meters.
  • Also a possibility to visualise measured information, for example based on multi-energy consumption history, consumption/production ratio, or quality of electricity.

Manage tasks and information by creating smart connections between them.

  • Transfer meter information effortlessly to the office personnel and to the field.
  • Automatically create priority class definitions and measurement jobs, and share them on field personnel’s mobile devices.
  • Follow the progress of work and gather the necessary information and reports on the progress.

Can be easily linked to other systems.

  • Using the open interface, Newelo Maps Smart Metering is easy to link with the company’s existing information systems, such as data transfer to AMR, customer data and network information systems.

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