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Mobile work management solutions facilitate mobile work.
Newelo’s services are smoothly integrated with other systems.

Make the flow of information more efficient and improve its timeliness with a mobile work management solution. You will have access to role-based and team-based views in the same service – in the form of mobile, tablet and web management views.

Our solutions are smoothly integrated with the company’s existing systems, for example other work management systems, customer data systems, warehouse systems, maintenance systems, and device and network information systems, to name a few. Expand your understanding on what happens in the field – or create a smart connection between all available information, such as customer data. Efficient, intelligent and profitable!

Digital map services visualise the things that paper maps do not know – all the real-time information that facilitates working and having work done.

The map service designed for mobile devices shows online maps or work locations and locates e.g. maintenance needs and fault situations in real time. The map displays you important information by area, focusing on the information that is central to your company’s operations – for example disruptions, faulty devices, services used by customers and contact details – or, if you want, even soil texture and weather. Map services contain extensive search functions, optional layouts and customisable contents. The digital maps are quick to use and naturally they are also available offline.


Mobile work and related reports are nothing new. But Newelo provides them in a more mobile, more intelligent and more efficient manner than you have ever seen before.

Follow the progress of work on the field and gather the necessary information and reports on it. You will receive information on e.g. customers, current status and topology directly from the systems to your mobile devices and onto the map, in real time. Show the items that are important in your industry on the map: for example energy and water meters, electricity and district heat networks, support stations, micro links, traffic and street lights as well as management of the related maintenance tasks. You can also create reports for supervisory needs, covering a certain time frame and certain types of tasks.


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